ArtStart Exhibition Opening – These Artists Have Come A Long Way!

What do you get when you combine 41 youth from 25 different countries with some creative facilitation?

Prospect’s ArtStart program!

ArtStart supports newcomers to Canada while celebrating the unique contributions they can make to our culture. The program objective was to help youth develop some of the skills they will need to participate in employment. So ArtStart was conceptualized to provide learning and community engagement with peer support, in a fun way.

Prospect has pioneered the use of art in many skill-building programs. Art is a powerful medium for making connections – on an individual level, in teambuilding, and in speaking to a broader community. ArtStart is a perfect example.

Our 41 graduates developed skills, an appreciation for Canadian culture, and a genuine connection to their new community. They created relationships, discovered new resources, and had a lot of fun.

The collaborators who made ArtStart a powerful and meaningful program include:

- The Calgary Local Immigration Partnership, who helped coordinate the unique services and partnerships coming together.

- Immigrant and Refugee Citizenship Canada (IRCC) who funded the project.

- Youth Central, who demonstrated the meaningful connection to volunteerism, how to give back, and meet other youth who are engaged in community building.

- Fort Calgary for their unique way of bringing history to life.

- The Bankview Community Association for their support in the public mural project.

- The Quickdraw Animation Society, for the youth memberships, access to resources, and support of the animation project.

- The Calgary Public Library (Alexander Calhoun Library) for the access and use of library resources, library cards, and the amazing programming around language.

- The Calgary Board of Education and its schools, especially Mount Royal Junior High School, for making the project available to their students and families.

- The Untitled Arts Society and photographer Derek Lafont, for the use of the dark room and all the assistance with the photography project.

- ESL teacher Patty Greenshields.

- Immigrant Services Calgary, for making the opportunity available to so many immigrant youth.

- Calgary Catholic Immigration Services

A shout-out also goes to the youth mentor volunteers in each session. These were youth who have gone through the experience of being new to Canada, and now were supporting our youth by sharing their experience.

The ArtStart exhibition continues through September 20th at Studio C, #235, 1721 29th Avenue SW.

We encourage you to enjoy the art created in ArtStart and to continue to reach out and make our city and our province one of the world’s most welcoming and diverse places to live.

ArtStart Celebration 2

Special guest The Honourable Ricardo Miranda, Minister of Culture and Tourism for Alberta

ArtStart Celebration 1

ArtStart Celebration 3

Participants and their families enjoyed the exhibition opening, September 7th at Studio C.