Prospect Spotlight – Freaking Awesome T-Shirts

Prospect’s Entrepreneurs with Disabilities program in Edmonton shared an awesome story of one of their young entrepreneurs, Reggie Villeneuve, who is the proud owner of Freaking Awesome T-Shirts.

Reggie came to the Entrepreneurs with Disabilities program at Prospect’s Edmonton office earlier this year because he had a great idea and was overwhelmed with the idea of starting a business. As Reggie puts it, starting a business “is kind of like jumping into the sea and hoping you’ll find dry land before your arms give out.”

Prospect was able to work with Reggie and provide resources and support that he needed to grow his business. Reggie says, “I’ve been coming here seven months. My online business has grown to the point where you can barely tell it’s the same website. I’ve learned more in these few months than I learned in my last year of high school. If you don’t know which way to turn or what to do next, Prospect Human Services will help you find which way is up. They’re not going to hold your hand…but I’d be lost without them because their one-on-one approach and business knowledge is customized to your needs.”

Check out Reggie’s website Freaking Awesome T-Shirts and his Facebook page:

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