What comes first?

What comes first?

Last week in one of our many meetings a point was raised that made us consider an interesting question: does self-esteem help people get jobs or do jobs help people get self-esteem?

It’s a bit like the philosophical brainteaser, also known as a causality dilemma, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

Whereas scientists, scholars, and enlightenment philosophers have debated the answer to that question ad nauseum, the pragmatic answer to our version is, “It doesn’t matter, as long as you end up with something to eat.”

Some of Prospect’s programs and services result in rapid placement, with self-esteem and other benefits following as a result of being employed. Other programs assist in self-esteem development and building confidence, which are instrumental in helping individuals get jobs.

This is the great thing about focusing on individuals, versus trying to develop a cookie-cutter solution that works for everybody. Prospect’s talented staff of professionals can gauge who is ready for what. Sometimes our program participants surprise themselves.

We are continuing to place people into new jobs despite the economic doom and gloom. We encourage anyone who wants to get a jump on the recovery to contact us. We can help you be one of the first out of the starting blocks!