Services For Employers

Educating employers is a key part of what Prospect does. We help employers discover new pools of skilled workers in demographics they may not have considered. By raising awareness, providing training, and engaging organizations through consulting services, we help employers create their optimal workforces.

Prospect helps dispel myths about underutilized labour pools. Our customized strategies enable employers to find skilled people and retain them by offering the most relevant supports. We help employers adapt their physical workplaces, their cultures and their HR policies/practices so that a wider range of employees can succeed in their workplaces.

Most employers quickly discover that by removing barriers in recruitment they gain access to a deeper pool of talented, dedicated and loyal employees. Employers also learn that hiring from a more diverse range of talent bolsters their image as progressive, inclusive workplaces. The business case is compelling and well documented: it is a win-win.

Prospect works with dozens of industry associations and a network of more than 700 Alberta employers, from small businesses to national corporations. We understand the unique needs of both. We have developed and implemented workforce inclusion plans and engagement strategies for a wide range of major industry associations and employers.

Many of our employer partners, including Bank of Montreal, ATCO, Home Depot and others have won recognition for their efforts in diversifying their workplaces.



The WORX helps employers attract, recruit and retain employees from a broader range of labour groups. Through workplace consultation, training, events and connections to local service providers, The WORX helps companies open their cultures, HR practices and physical workplaces to ensure they can attract and retain employees who have the skill sets they need.


Forces@WORK works with Alberta-based employers looking to attract, hire and retain Veterans, Reserve Force members, and skilled workers retiring or transitioning from military service.

Studio C

Studio C is an award-winning art centre that uses art to teach employment skills, educate and engage employers, and provide experiential diversity training. Studio C offers workshops to organizations, such as Team Building Painting – a fast-paced, fun workshop that stimulates the creative process and facilitates working toward a common goal.