Art is an amazing medium for team-building and individual skill-building. Prospect’s Art Facilitators deliver fun, creative sessions that enhance leadership, communication, and problem solving. Designed and facilitated by experts in experiential learning, these art experiences have been lauded by individuals and organizations of all sizes


Participants are asked to engage in a process without knowing the outcome, therefore creating excitement and open-mindedness amongst the group. The artistic process accentuates many different communication personalities, heightening awareness for differences and making it easier to identify paths of communication. Regardless of communication style, everyone works together equally to contribute to the greater objective. The result is a piece of art that is a memorable testament to your group’s creativity and collaboration. Participants have reported that workshops:

  • Inspire Innovation
  • Stifle Stagnation
  • Realize Purpose & Vision
  • Illuminate Communication Styles
  • Break Barriers
  • Foster Openness
  • Unite Business Units
  • Ignite Pride

Please contact us for more information about themes, group sizes, pricing and timing at or 403.273-2822


Abstract Theme


Architectural Themel


Cityscape Theme


Landscape Theme


Portrait Theme


Pop Art Theme