Prospect Youth Employment Services

PYES Edmonton and Calgary

If you're between the ages of 18-24 and looking to jumpstart your career, Prospect's new youth employment service provides you with all the tools you need to make your job search successful.

We can support you through your job search and help you get connected to the workplace. We assist a wide range of job seekers, from those who want help with resumes and interviews right through to those who are looking for direct job placement and support along the way.

How We Do It

Our employment services cover a variety of one-to-one services, including:

  • Employability assessments
  • Employment action plans
  • Career advising and planning
  • Skillbuilding strategies 
  • Direct employer connections
  • Direct job placement
  • Follow up supports

In addition to direct services, you'll have access to a series of employment preparation workshops and webinars on topics such as:

  • Labour Market Knowledge
  • Work Search Strategies
  • Personal Development
  • Education Planning
  • Advocacy in the Workplace
  • Self Assessment
  • Career Planning


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