ArtRecruits Art Exhibition - March 9

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Join us for the last art exhibition in the Burns Building location before Studio C relocates to the King Edward.

Exhibition: March 9 - 21, 2017
Studio C - #502, 237 8th Ave SE

The ‘ArtRecruits’ opening will feature a mixed media collaboration with the City of Calgary’s Public Arts & Culture department, and live music by Mason Jenkins.

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GenA - Innovative pilot helps Alberta youth find good jobs

So far, 94 young Albertans have found jobs through the GenA program, a partnership between the Government of Alberta and Prospect Human Services. First launched in Calgary and Edmonton last June, the initiative is helping Albertans aged 18 to 30 secure employment while showing employers the benefits of hiring youth.

With $1.7 million in grant funding from the Government of Alberta, the two-year pilot is expected to help more than 1,200 youth, placing 350 into direct jobs as well as connecting 200 employers with eager, talented prospective employees.

“Our government is working hard to make life better for Alberta’s youth by helping them find good jobs in a diversified economy. Young people make important contributions to our economy but are often an untapped talent pool. This project is preparing youth for success in the job market while also helping employers tap into the next generation of hardworking Albertans.”
Christina Gray, Minister of Labour

“A job is more than a paycheque—it empowers a person to fully participate in society. The GenA program reflects our belief that Alberta’s young people are our most valuable resource. They are the key to our future. For us, we’re not just launching a service; we’re launching careers.”
Melanie Mitra, CEO of Prospect Human Services

Employers are also seeing the benefits as 165 individual employers are using the program to find and recruit youth. More than 65 employers have also accessed consultation services for the attraction and retention of youth workers.

“At Cintas, we are committed to creating and sustaining an inclusive work environment where individual uniqueness is sought, valued and leveraged. Working with Prospect provides Cintas with candidates who fit in with our team-driven approach to business that focuses on the relentless pursuit of our goals and a sense of camaraderie.”
Meredith Nosworthy, HR, Cintas Corporation

“The GenA Employment Placement Specialist (EPS) was essential in helping me with my current unemployment situation. The EPS was invaluable in helping fine-tune my resume and find work. Needless to say, I got the job!”
Aaron Peecheemow, GenA client

GenA provides tailored supports and resources to youth ages 18 to 30 so they are better prepared to enter the workforce. This includes placement and retention supports for finding suitable employment, the development of essential skills, as well as the creation of employment action plans.

GenA also works with Alberta employers to help them attract, recruit and retain youth by providing specialized consultation services, helping employers develop youth engagement strategies and connecting employers directly with GenA clients.

The GenA program is part of The Alberta Jobs Plan which is working to create jobs and diversify the economy in the face of economic challenges. The Alberta Jobs Plan supports young Albertans with the training and resources they need to secure and maintain employment in the economic downturn.

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CCIS art collaboration with Studio C


In November 2016, Calgary Catholic Immigration Society embarked on an afternoon of collaborative
team building with Studio C. This fun and interactive experience fostered the teamwork to create a
unique piece of art.

The event started with 8 canvases and 60 participants. Each canvas was designed with stylized icons
from the CCIS logo and 16 words that embodied team culture. These words were surveyed by the
participants prior to the collaboration and the results are represented on each canvas.
Reference images were provided and the teams were asked to determine a strategy which would
engage each participant in painting a beautiful finished product. In addition, each table was asked to
add a word on the canvas that was representative of someone’s culture.

As the day progressed, participants were periodically asked to move to a different team with a
different canvas. The challenge was to continue painting as a newly formed team and continue to
execute the original deliverables for the project. When the canvases were brought together, the group
discussed how they were able to work in new environments, with new skills, and new team members. It
was valuable to hear how the teams selected a language for each canvas and how that word translated
to English.


Prospect’s Forces@WORK program receives recognition from the Canadian Peacekeeping Veterans Association


From L-R: Col (Retired) Tim Sparling, Vice President, Canadian Peacekeeping Veterans Association; Melanie Mitra, Chief Executive Officer, Prospect; Robert Booth, Prospect Board of Directors; BGen (Retired) Joe Sharpe; LCol Telah Morrison, Director Casualty Support Management, Canadian Armed Forces.

OTTAWA: The Canadian Peacekeeping Veterans Association awarded Prospect’s Forces@WORK initiative its Outstanding Service Award at the Rideau Club on February 15th.

Presented “In recognition of the organization’s outstanding support to Veterans in their transition to the civilian work force,” the award was given to Prospect CEO Melanie Mitra by CPVA Vice President Colonel (Ret’d) Tim Sparling.

Forces@WORK has helped more than 500 veterans, including the ill and injured, find rewarding second careers in the civilian workforce. Recently the program’s mandate was expanded to assist family members.

The CPVA, founded in 1991, is a national, all Veteran, all volunteer, not-for-profit, apolitical organization with chapters from Vancouver Island to St. John's, Newfoundland. It has its Headquarters in Kingston, Ontario and is not funded by the Government in any way. Our Mission Statement is: "To be a strong and leading advocate for all Veterans and to provide a forum of comradeship for Veterans". The CPVA is a true, stable, national organization and its Constitution opens the doors to membership to any Veteran from WW2, Korea, NATO, UN missions and any other related military or police operations and includes all varieties of veterans from WW2 to Afghanistan, including some international members.