Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Pillars

Prospect Human Services is an innovative and principled organization offering programs and services that break down barriers preventing individuals from finding meaningful work. Prospect promotes change within employment environments by designing solutions that bring out the best in individuals, employers, and ourselves.


To reduce barriers and deliver sustainable solutions so that everyone, regardless of circumstance, can reach his or her employment potential.


Progressive workplaces nurturing a productive and diverse workforce.

Our Brand Pillars


Prospect creates change by envisioning the end game and creating the means to realize it. We believe asking “why not?” aids progress. Solutions are created when we think beyond traditional boundaries.


Prospect seeks different perspectives. All parties must be engaged, including for-profit, not-for-profit, funders and government. Only by understanding all points of view can we create inclusive workplaces.


In every facet of our work, our actions show a commitment to professional management and service delivery. Prospect is accountable, ethical and honest.


Prospect approaches every opportunity with enthusiasm. We drive change with energy, optimism and commitment. Anyone who walks through our doors can feel the positive energy.


We are driven by the desire to promote human welfare and advance social reforms in the working world. While our commitment is all heart, our solutions are all business.