The WORX is an employment centre concept, designed specifically to increase access to job search support tools and services for persons with disabilities.

But what really makes The WORX different from other specialty employment centres is the philosophy behind our approach.

We provide one stop information and employment services – offline and online

  • Our services have been designed in consultation with persons with disabilities
  • We are focused on reducing time to employment, education and skill training
  • We use technology to improve accessibility, information delivery and learning
  • We offer a wide range of assistive technologies
  • We engage employers and other stake-holders in the delivery of our services
  • We promote customized employment
  • We believe that people are always better off working and have put in place all the supports and services our clients need to make that a reality

How We Do It

The WORX provides employment search services to Calgarians with all types of disabilities. In addition to information resources and assistive technologies, The WORX also offers a variety of one-to-one support services* including:

  • Employability assessments
  • Career counselling
  • Direct job placement
  • Education and skill training placement

Clients of The WORX have access to a series of Employment Preparation Workshops on topics such as:

  • Labour Market Knowledge
  • Work Search Strategies
  • Personal Development
  • Education Planning
  • Advocacy in the Workplace
  • Self Assessment
  • Career Planning

Call or visit The WORX online today for more information.

Contact Us

For more information contact:

The Worx Northeast
915 33 Street NE
Calgary, AB T2A 6T2
t: 403.273.2822
tty: 403.273.2916

The Worx Downtown
#130, 910 7 Ave. SW
Calgary, AB T2P 3N8
t: 403.237.5108